Dusty Hegge
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Houseplant educator, business strategist, and coffee obsessed. I am passionate about opening up honest conversations and equipping you to grow well in life and business.


Grow Well Podcast

Honest conversations about growth in life and business - all through the eyes of nature.

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3 Things you need to have a natural “green thumb”

Instagram would like us to believe that you either have a natural green thumb or you don’t - well, that is just ridiculous. That said it houseplant care can come a little easier to some people over others. I have noticed three key traits in a person who will have more success in caring for their houseplant collection. Ready to stop feeling like a plant-killer? Click the button below to listen in!

HINT: It’s not as hard as you think!

Coffee from seed to your morning cuppa - how it's grown, harvested, and roasted on the Grow Well Podcast

Coffee: Seed to brew with Velodrome Coffee Company

Coffee? Houseplants? I man, come on, this is my DREAM episode!

Listen in to hear how coffee is grown, harvested, and roasted to bring you your favorite morning ritual with Brice Sturmer from Velodrome Coffee Company.

What I learned from a year of failure (and how to not let failure OWN you) #getplantypodcast.jpg

What I learned from a year filled with failure.

Don’t kid yourself - failure is REAL. Let’s stop dancing around the issue and instead identify our own failures, make changes, and take slow, faithful steps forward.

In this episode I get raw and real (and I nearly cry) sharing MY OWN personal failures from 2018 and what God has taught me through it. Click below to tune into my most downloaded episode.


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Hello! My name is

Dusty Hegge!

My goal is to inspire you to appreciate the growth process: in life, business, and even in plant growth.

I can’t help but see the incredible parallels between plant growth and the way God brings us through seasons in our lives and businesses. My goal is to equip you with the tools you need to navigate those seasons WELL and learn to appreciate the growth process along the way.


Get Planty

Houseplant Foundations E-Course



Get access to the course by signing up below.

  • 6+ Chapters of planty goodness with over 45 modules

  • Quizzes and homework to help you apply the lessons you learn and seE results immediately.

  • A unique way to prioritize self-care, invest in yourself, and have so much fun!

  • Several high value bonuses

  • curated resources for further study

  • Comment and discussion sections in each module to ask me questions directly as you STUDY for further understanding.


If you are ready to grow your knowledge of plants, curate a DREAMY houseplant collection, and invest in personal growth then this course is what you’ve been waiting for.

Join the waitlist below to get the entire course for just $47!

I only have 40 seats available and a waitlist with 230+ people. SIGN UP TO ENROLL BELOW

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    Work with me.

    Business Strategist: Launch Plans, Email Marketing, Mentor Sessions

    Plan your next launch (big or small), improve your email marketing, and get business strategy mentor sessions.

    Promote your brand: Instagram, Podcast Ad, or and other packages available.

    I believe so deeply in helping each other grow well and promoting companies that work hard, love their people, and create ethical goods and services. IF you feel your product or brand would be a good fit contact me and we can begin working together! I only promote brands I fully believe in, trust, and have personally used.